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The following are Paramount publicity photos from 1929.

This photo and the two that follow were taken in the dining room of Olga's rented, furnished home on 5423 Hampton Court, which she resided in from January 1928 to July 1929.

Olga in her dining room with a bowl of roses.  The one on the right looks like it could be from 1959 rather than from 1929.

Olga the art deco dancer.  Is that a busy background or what?

The tapestry in the background reveals these photos to be from the same session.

Olga sings!

Olga with her new Pierce Arrow roadster.

Esther Ralston (left), Fay Wray (center), and Olga Baclanova (right) withadvertising Paramount's "Greater Movie Season" of 1929.  Esther Ralston and Olga left Paramount before the end of the year, and Fay Wray followed suit a year and a half later.

Fashion Photos - 1929

BACLANOVA, Paramount's dynamo from Russia, caught in an interesting mood in a modernistic setting.

HOSTESS PAJAMAS are introduced to Hollywood by Baclanova, Paramount's Russian artist, who selects green and silver metal cloth, bound with shimmering silver braid for an unusual costume. Exotic modernistic earrings complete this effective ensemble.

MILADY'S LOUNGING SUIT is a chic but simple matter these days. Baclanova, Paramount player, cleverly selects unadorned black velvet for her at-home-pajamas. Long ropes of pearls and a buckle of brilliants comprise the only jewelry used by the Russian artiste.


BLACK AND MAGENTA are used by Baclanova,
Paramount player, for a formal frock, with
period inclinations. Two large magenta
flowers blaze against a background of black,
one flower on the shoulder of the velvet
bodice, and the other at the very end of the
tulle and boufant skirt.

(There was no caption on the back of this photo.)

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