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"BACLANOVA, blonde Russian film player, returned to Los Angeles from the East today (July 26, 1929) aboard the Golden State Limited accompanied by her husband, Nicholas Soussanin, whom she married shortly before her departure.  The actress' trip was for her debut on the American variety stage, in New York.  She and her husband appeared in a short sketch, 'The Farewell Supper'".

This photo is of Olga deboarding an airplane.& nbsp; There is no date on the photo, but it probably dates from the early 1930's.

"OLGA BACLANOVA, actress and singer, as she sailed from New York City for England, Aug. 13, on the Ile de France to join Clifford Whitely's show 'Do Re Mi' in London." This photo was taken in 1936.


Olga paints an ostrich egg
to wish Easter greetings.

This candid photo dates
from 1929 and is of
Olga and her husband
Nicholas Soussanin.
Olga holds their marriage


Circa 1928
(courtesy Cole Johnson.)

These two photos were taken by photographer Carlo Leonetti.

This "Polar Bear" shot
is an M-G-M
publicity portrait from
circa 1931.

Here are four autographed photos of Olga.

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