Picture Gallery: Stills From Olga's Movies

The Dove (1927) / The Czarina's Secret /
Three Sinners / Street of Sin (1928)

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These are photographs from Olga's first four American films. Starting with a bit role in The Dove, Olga followed up each role with a larger and more important one. Finally, Street of Sin, a second leading lady role, was a popular and artistic triumph for her and would lead to a contract and brief stardom at Paramount.

The Dove (1927)
The Czarina's Secret (1928)


(Center photo courtesy of
Cole Johnson.)

Three Sinners (1928)
  Olga and Pola Negri in Three Sinners (1928)

Olga with Pola Negri,
lead actress in Three Sinners.

Street of Sin (1928)

Emil Jannings, the toughest
guy in the bad section of town,
meets Fay Wray, the kind
Salvation Army girl.

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